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With the latest patch three.56 The Far Edge of Fate pt II, Final Fantasy XIV: Heavensward is officially done. We've closed off all we can with all the Ishgard arc and are on our way to Stormblood within the summer season, but now that all the story for Heavensward is over, just what precisely has version 3.0 given us? Taking Heavensward as just FFXIV version 3.0 was one point, we had a neat small story and it wrapped itself up pretty cleanly. But not surprisingly, we've had a lot of content material since then. So with Ishgard now firmly in our chocobo's rear-view mirror, I've decided to overview all of Heavensward because it stands now.

As it's only been about two weeks since we got the <a href="">cheap FFXIV Gil</a> most recent story patch, right here is your spoiler warning.

Proper, beginning off, Heavensward was quite nicely set-up, wasn't it? Just after the primary scenario of A Realm Reborn had reduce off, the Warrior of Light had few friends and had struck out for the cold winds of Coerthas. As part of a continuation of that setup, the first thing we all did in Heavensward was cross the Steps of Faith to obtain ourselves into the new region of Ishgard.

What followed was a series of dungeons and trials that involved a little a lot more complexity than those within a Realm Reborn but none that triggered as well steep of an incline. The game’s story was mostly one of political and religious intrigue, which was a fairly various setup than the additional straight-foreward plot of A Realm Reborn. With only ten levels plus a core set of 4 trials and six dungeons, the base expansion of Heavensward was quite nicely contained and had a lot higher stakes than version 2.0. This wasn't a fight of great vs evil but set in shades of grey – there was no evil Garlean Empire to fight but rather a rigid caste program built on lies for the preservation of ego and a lengthy blood feud involving Ishgard and Dravania. And you, because the Warrior of Light, have your function cut out for you personally. There's no Castrum to storm, no enormous ancient god-weapon.

Just individuals and feelings and betrayal. The conclusion of three.0 was wrapped up with a rather decent bow. And then came the subsequent patches. Additional dungeons had been added, some upping the difficulty by fairly a bit, some had been additional experimental, and then there was Alexander, the 8-player raid set with a number of difficulties, and sometimes bonkers mechanics. Alexander wasn't the utter madness that the Coils of Bahamut have been, even so, but still enjoyable to run and difficult through. Fewer supergolems even though.

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